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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours and what products are currently available?
Our current hours are posted on the home page of our website.

We have a wide variety of products throughout the season. We regularly update our Currently Available page. If you have a question about the availability of a specific item, please contact us via phone at 252-321-3204 before you visit the farm.

Are children allowed in the berry patch?
Yes, we encourage children to help pick berries with their parents. Visiting the farm and picking berries is a safe, wholesome family activity that your children (and you) will thoroughly enjoy! We just ask that all children are supervised by an adult. There are a variety of pickers, some serious and some for fun, so we ask that you respect the other customers as well as the strawberry plants. We put in a lot of hard work to make our fields an enjoyable place for everyone.

What if I don’t know how to pick strawberries?
That’s alright! We understand that not everyone has picked strawberries before and some people need a little refresher from year to year. When you arrive at our pick your own fields, we will be more than happy to give you some quick instructions and help you locate a good part of the field to pick in so you can have an enjoyable experience.

Do small strawberries taste better than large ones?
Flavor is influenced by growing conditions (i.e., weather), stage of ripeness when harvested, and the variety. Size is not a factor in determining flavor.

Is it better to leave the smaller red berries so they will grow bigger?
All red berries are ripe and should be picked. Strawberries grow first in size, and then ripen. If it is red, it is done growing and will spoil if left behind.

How do I know if a strawberry is ripe?
Select firm, fully red berries. Strawberries DO NOT continue ripening after they are picked! Green or slightly green berries should be left on the plant to continue ripening.

What’s the best way to store strawberries?
For strawberries to stay fresh, do not wash them right away. Store them in a large container with a dry paper towel at the bottom. Separate the berries by layering them with paper towels to maximize freshness. Just before using, wash strawberries with the caps attached under a gentle spray of cool water. For best flavor, allow strawberries to reach room temperature before serving.

Are strawberries planted each year?
Although not required, we replant our strawberries each year.

How long is the Strawberry Season?
Strawberries are usually ready for picking by the middle of April, with the season lasting about 4-5 weeks. Occasionally, we will have a late season and picking will last until the end of May. A hot dry spring means a shorter season.

What should I wear to the farm?
Farming can be a physically demanding activity.  We want you to have a great visit, so please be prepared. We don’t have a dress code at the farm, but we recommend sturdy, closed-toe shoes and comfortable clothing. You might want to bring sunscreen, a hat and water if you plan to stay for a while. More information about visiting our farm.

Can I take pictures at the farm? What about scheduling photo sessions with a professional photographer?
Yes, we encourage taking pictures while at the farm. Please feel free to share them on your social media presences as well. Professional sessions should be scheduled in advance with the farm. Please contact us via phone to inquire at 252-321-3204.

Can birthday parties be scheduled at the farm?
We are not currently taking reservations for parties or events at the farm.

Is there a picnic area available?
Yes, we have a nice picnic area available during business hours that can accommodate your family or larger group. If you are interested in scheduling a luncheon or team building event for your business or organization and wish to reserve the picnic area, please contact us.

Do I need to bring my own containers?
You do not need to bring your own container. We have cardboard flats which are included in the price of the berries, however you may bring your own containers if you wish.

Is it easy to grow strawberries?
Strawberries are one of the most labor intensive crops to grow! Since the plants are perennials, you do not have to plant them all every year. Growing strawberries includes: planting, hand weeding, fertilizing, cultivating, protecting the berries on cold nights, monitoring/treating for insects and diseases, spreading straw, and harvesting.

Is it cheaper to buy strawberries by the quart or the pound?
Some people think that one quart of strawberries equals one pound. Remember, when comparing strawberries sold by the pound to strawberries sold by the quart that there are 1 ½ pounds in a quart. So the cost of 1 pound of strawberries multiplied by 1.5 equals the cost of strawberries sold by the quart.

Once a field has been picked, is it picked again?
Yes, strawberries continue to grow and ripen throughout the harvest season. We usually pick our fields 4 – 5 times each season. Ripening is somewhat weather dependent and a field that is “picked clean” today may be ready to be picked again in a couple of days if the weather is warm.

Can I freeze strawberries?
Yes, absolutely! There are a few different ways to freeze strawberries. One popular method is to freeze whole without sugar to maintain shape and health benefits. Do not rinse berries if you are going to freeze them. Slice stem off at top of berry. Place on a cookie sheet and place uncovered in freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Transfer strawberries to a freezer bag or container. Frozen strawberries can be stored frozen for several months.